Soft4Boost Update Checker

Automatically test for software updates for your programs


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Update Checker is a tool designed to scan your computer, checking all your installed programs to make sure you have the very latest versions of them. If you don't, it will show you the most recent version so that you can download it from the developer´s site.

Having all your programs updated lessens the risk of problems occurring on your system. Update Checker quickly scans all your application data and in a matter of seconds it can identify all of the things that you should update on your computer.

This free update scanner is a practical and trustworthy program that will tell you about the new updates that are available so that you can keep all of your tools up to date.

So forget about having to visit every developer's webpage in order to make sure that you have the latest version of each program. Soft4Boost Update Checker takes care of this for you automatically.
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